Apr 01, 2011
May 21, 2011
Exhibition Overview

Very seldom I find myself in front of photographic works that move me and leave me amazed as those by Oded Balilty do.
Naturally, I see many photographic works every day, Some beautiful some interesting, but few transport me to a place I've never visited in a much familiar territory.
How come I didn’t think of that? I am left wondering. How come I didn’t see these places while wondering after new images in those same landscapes?
And here they are.
Balilty takes me, as if leading a blind man with his eyes, from one idea to another while recreating the land as only an exquisite photographer can do – extracting an essence of reality only they can see out of the reality which is laid there for us all.
The works in front of you are beautiful and sad maybe because they reveal a country with no borders. Neglected, and impermanent like the dead sea shelters or the surreal wall near Zikim. And yet out of all these a hope may spring for a better permanent future.
Alex Livak

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